Waiting for Superman

It is Hard to be God

Original project by Aljoša Živadinov after the novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky Трудно быть богом


Aljoša Živadinov

Opening night

February 2022

Small Stage

What would our world be like if the Renaissance were murdered? What would human beings be like if humanism were taken away from us? How else would we make sense of our existence? How could a social order possibly be established without an awareness of community, of social roles and of the economically, politically and culturally marked perspectives of human existence?
Human misery, ignorance and brutality are escalating to unprecedented proportions on a distant planet, quite like medieval Earth. Extreme ideologies are emerging, fuelled by the active ignorance of all individuals. Books are being burned, academies are being demolished, intelligentsia is being imprisoned  – the intelligentsia who, in its basic primordiality, represents everyone who can read, write and think. Artists are being persecuted, poetry and music are becoming alien.
A group of Earth scientists secretly arrives on this dystopian planet to investigate the effects of the lack of Enlightenment on the development of civilisation. But in a world where only destruction, violence and monotheism is celebrated, even the enlightened Earthlings can easily resort to their ancient pre-programmed animalistic patterns. It is becoming increasingly difficult for observers of a cursed planet to remain indifferent, to remain mere observers.
The gods will soon leap out of the machine.
Aljoša Živadinov